Whether you are a serious cribbage tournament player, or just like to have fun playing cribbage with your friends, you should consider playing CribAdademy on your iPhone or iPad. Why?

  • It has a better user interface than any software Cribbage game out there.
  • It plays more smoothly than any software Cribbage game.
  • It helps you learn to become a better Cribbage player.

CribAcademy is now available in the Apple IOS Store and the tvOS Store for one payment of $2.99, which gives access on iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Apple TV.

The price is also $2.99 in the Macintosh App Store.

Search for "cribbage academy" in the stores.

One reason that CribAcademy is easier to play is that it plays and counts the hands with the Apple high-quality dictation voices. (The voices can be turned off). This adds another dimension that makes it easier to understand what is going on in the game.

Another nice feature is that you can play the 3 hand and 4 hand games. They are played with the British rules for "go", which makes the play more interesting.

And you can play "Pass and Play" against a friend with a single iPhone or iPad. This can be very handy on a long plane or car trip.

If you purchase CribAcademy and enjoy playing, please leave a rating or a review on the App store. We appreciate reviews and they help our sales.